Toothless in Eugene

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I had such a BLAST with this song. It was sooo much fun! Where No One Goes is a song from the movie How To Train Your Dragon 2 (HTTYD2), and I really really wanted to sing it after everyone requested For the Dancing and Dreaming last year. Fortunately for you and for me, this was another very requested song! So I decided to go for it! THANK YOU all for the requests!

Btw, this is such an adorable movie and if you haven’t seen it yet, please please please go watch!!

Ev and I picked a day with Fifgen to help put together the film, and we decided to do it right inside our own living room! We decorated the place and set it up almost looking like a birthday party, and put up a bunch of clouds hanging on the ceiling.

But the best part about all of this is having my son Ashland dressed up as Hiccup (the boy costume), and myself dressed as Toothless (the dragon costume). I got to fly him around in our living room! IT WAS SOO AWESOME! We totally surprised him!

In case you missed my version of For the Dancing and the Dreaming with Ev, also from HTTYD2, check it out right here –



This song was made with around 80 tracks, and the kick drum was made with a mixture of stomps and a few other body sounds. And everything else made with the human voice and mouth 🙂 Thank you Fifgen for this production!

Have you seen How To Train Your Dragon 2? Name a song from another movie you’d like to hear me cover! Leave it in the comments below! Go! 😀

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