Taylor Swift 1989 in 4 Minutes

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I recently have been wanting to be a little more creative in the songs that I cover, because as I’m listening and watching the videos that my friends and collaborators upload on their channels, I can’t help but be inspired!

I have also admired a lot of the articles Taylor has written lately and the way she has fought back to support the smaller artists with apple music recently. I’m a HUGE fan of hers! And so should you 😀

“Taylor Swift 1989 in 4 Minutes” Album originally by Taylor Swift
Recorded by Peter Hollens
Filmed by Fifgen Films
Released on September 18, 2015

My supporters have been mentioning Taylor Swift for a while now, so I finally checked out her newest album (don’t know why it took me SO long!) So I checked it out and saw that it was getting LOTS of attention, and that’s when I started planning for a cover!

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So this Taylor Swift 1989 Tribute is a collection of all her tracks on her newest album “1989”. Her album is produced so well and the team that put it together did such a good job, the songwriting, tracking, mixing, everything!

This cover is a collaboration with my wife Ev. We found an AWESOME old theater called the Whiteside Theater in Corvallis Oregon to shoot the film with Fifgen Films. As always, the audio is made up of only the human voice and mouth (and some claps).

So I have 2 questions for YOU! What is your favorite song on Taylor Swift’s 1989 album, and what other artists should I cover for something like this?? I’ll get back to you in the comments below!

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