My Most Requested Video….(so far)

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The music from the movie has been requested for well over nearly a thousand times. (WOW guys!) It might be so far my most requested cover!

The movie has so many good songs to choose from and so it was pretty tough to decide which ones would flow well together, but I managed and now I suppose I might eventually do another medley part 2 because there are so many other good songs to sing from the film!

“Prince of Egypt Medley” From Dreamwork’s Prince of Egypt
Recorded by Peter Hollens
Filmed by Fifgen Films
Released on October 14, 2015

So this cover features 4 titles – “River Lullaby”, “Through Heaven’s Eyes”, “I Will Get There”, and “When You Believe”, some of my personal favorites.

This video was filmed here in Eugene, and has a total of 141 tracks and is made with only the voice and mouth, with some claps 🙂

If I were to do another medley part 2, what songs do you think should be on there? Let me know in the comments below! 😀

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