A Caroling Surprise From All Of Us

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This video, our version of Silent Night is an enormous collaboration with over a dozen YouTubers. We all came together to record both audio and video in only ONE day!!!

Last year, we made a very very large collaboration video of the nativity with lots of YouTubers as well to the song Angels We Have Heard On High, which ended up breaking the world record for largest nativity scene, since there were SO many people involved! And so this year, we really wanted to create something to follow up from last year’s project!

I had a TON of fun recording this song in the studio with Shay Carl! I also had an amazing time hanging out with some of my good friends like Stuart Edge – we just recently collaborated doing A Goofy Movie in real life:

Also had a great time with the Gardiner Sisters – previously collaborated with them on a Pirates Medley:

And also LOVED hanging out with Alex Boye, who I had the awesome opportunity to perform with at Carnegie Hall earlier this year!

We filmed this video in Utah and went to this nice neighborhood area in Salt Lake City.

We wanted to do something that was sort of out of the blue, kind of like a random act of kindness which is really what the Christmas spirit is about and spreading good cheer!

And this is why we all wanted to go caroling together! We sang at many different houses in the area and tried to show that as best as we could in the video. It was SO much fun, and we hope the magic of it all shines through! 😀

We all really hope you enjoy and also hope that this year the Christmas cheer gets spread to you! Please share the video if it has, and so you can keep spreading that cheer to all 😀

If you could go caroling with any team of YouTubers, who would you choose and what would you sing?? Let me know in the comments below!

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