You’re Welcome

What I really wanted to say is Thank You!! HollensFamily, you continue to amaze me with your love and support. So… while this cover is all about saying “You’re Welcome”, it’s really me wanting to put a smile on your face and give you all a big THANK YOU!! 🙂

Andrew Huang and I had so much fun putting this one together for you, that guy is flawless in his work! He is extremely talented and his YouTube videos are so unique… For example, he once composed aclassical piece in the shape of a unicorn head, and he has covered the song “99 red balloons” while using red balloons as instruments. How cool is that?! Make sure you check out his instrumental version, you’ll be amazed at what we used for a kick drum!

 Video Shoot Fun Facts:  In the roller skating rink, our camera man, Scott,  was roller skating backwards in front of us while being pulled around the rink! Not to mention him walking backwards while moving spinning around on the vintage carousel! We had to get the perfect shot, and that was the best way to do it 😉 Don’t try this at home! haha. I also fell a few times, as you’ll see in the video… No faking those falls!

THANK YOU for supporting my music, I couldn’t do this without you!!