You Matter to Me

This song “You Matter to Me” is written by Sara Bareilles, and it’s from her new musical Waitress!  Most of her new album are all songs she wrote for the show as well… and this by far is my favorite of them.  I put the song on repeat literally hundreds of times! It holds so much emotion and we did our best to evoke as much of it as we could for you guys, and as we were thinking of ways to make that happen we decided to try to be as vulnerable and raw with our performance shots of us, and then also incorporating these two INCREDIBLE dancers.

Evynne and I have appreciated dance our entire lives and I think it’s something that truly moves us, in a similar way that music does. We had an incredible opportunity to work with these two beautiful dancers Bayli Baker, who choreographed the dance, and Jamie. These two are representing Ev and I, telling our story through their dance with this song. So we have both music and dance in the mix which we thought captured the emotion really well!

The video was shot in the salt flats near Salt Lake City, Utah and was filmed by Parker Walbeck for the dance, and our portion of the video was shot in Eugene Oregon at the Shedd Institute. Isn’t that place just gorgeous?