Total Eclipse of the Heart

We tried to shoot a music video during the total solar eclipse, what happened next we could have never imagined! And what better song to sing than “Total Eclipse of The Heart”?!

Regardless of the number of production meetings we had weeks in advance, how many times we tested out the gear and lighting, the countless hours spent making sure the crew was prepared to capture this once in a lifetime phenomenon in a very small window of time (totality only lasted 1 minute and 52 seconds!!) …In the path of totality, there are some things you just can’t anticipate and prepare for… Like the awe, we all felt as daylight and our drone was literally falling around us. 🙂

It was definitely an experience I’ll never forget!

I can’t thank you enough Hollens Family you guys here on Patreon helped me immensely on this video. Your feedback helped me choose the video and you helped ease my fears about how everything went! I just can’t thank you guys all enough. Please share this with your family and friends! 🙂

See those shirts we are wearing in the video? Get your hands on one of your own, for a limited time only! That way #HollensFamily members everywhere can match 😉

P.S. Thank you to Amanda Cox and the Draper Family for their hospitality and letting us camp out on your property! You guys rock!