The Red Wedding Song

A traveling bard retells the deadliest tale of the Red Wedding.
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This beautiful ballad was posted on Tumblr by Paola Bennet!
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Video produced by: One Voice Productions

This is my favorite fan song from game of thrones I know the lyrics are very descriptive, and I hope it wasn’t too offensive for you, but it IS the deadliest show on HBO, but I’m SOOO excited about Season 8! Have you seen the Official Trailer yet? Please no spoilers below in the comments if at all possible. (even tho this song is a spoiler if you haven’t seen season 3 I’m sorry but get with the program ha!)

I have been patiently waiting for the PERFECT time to share this #GameofThrones inspired video with all of you! I couldn’t think of a better time than right before Game of Thrones picks back up and reveals the final moments of truth! Also, can we give a HUGE round of applause to Ramin Djawadi? He is such a genius and behind all of the wonderful music you hear in the show.

This song is special because it was specifically inspired by J.R.R. Martins words from the Game of Thrones books. It is a little more graphic than most songs that I sing, but I felt like it was so hauntingly beautiful. This experience made me feel like a bard who had just watched this awful event and wanted to tell the tragic story.. I hope that came across in the video!!

We were able to film this entire video in Portugal in so many different STUNNING locations throughout the country and it was just an overall awesome experience. This video is full of beautiful scenes and haunting locations, I legitimately filmed INSIDE (well kind of inside but also kind of underneath) a real life castle! It is one of my favorite shots of the entire video. Let me know what you think of all of the imagery within the video!

“Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.” – George R.R. Martin

I hope that you enjoy being transported to the northern lands of Westeros Hollensfamily! May this weekend be filled with sunshine, happiness, and love. Sending so much love and appreciation to all of you!

Now there once was a time when the northerners sang
Of a king they had crowned: More a boy than a man
More a pup than a wolf, with the cold of the realm in his eyes

He’d broken a vow to the lords of the twins:
Wed a stranger, a beauty, but a promise there’d been
So the lord frey demanded a bridegroom as compromise

And the timbers groaned
River wind softly moaned
“Oh, the king in the north doesn’t know
How a red wedding goes”

Well, the feasting was plenty and the singing in tune
And the stark wolves, they howled ‘neath their northern moon
So loud were their cries that the closing of doors was drowned out

Lady catelyn alone had the river’s sharp ear
Heard dancing reels turn to the rains of castamere
In her skin and bones growled a creature of doubt

And the timbers groaned River wind softly moaned,
“Oh, the king in the north soon will know
How a red wedding goes”

There were arrows and daggers, and the touch of them burned;
From players to slayers in an instant were turned
And the foreigner queen was the first to fall under the knife

With two arrows in him, the king crawled to her side
While his mother, she pleaded for the lord to subside
But he’d taken their word, and to break it meant no right to life

And the timbers groaned
River wind softly moaned
“Oh, the king in the north,
now he knows How a red wedding goes”

Lord bolton approached; with a thrust to robb’s heart
He gave him the lannister lions’ regards
And the king’s mother wept, for his last word had called her to him
There was nothing she felt cutting lady frey’s throat
And she felt nothing more when they slashed her own
The north will remember, she thought, and they’ll have all your skins

And the timbers groaned
Now the wolves lie below
Oh, the king in the north, if he’d known
How a red wedding goes

And the timbers groan
But the north waits; they know
That one day the blood they ared owed
Will run ‘neath their soles

But seriously though. Season 8 is coming. And winter is coming… GAME OF THRONES IS BACK! Thank you HBO!


Mixed by: Ed Boyer –
Arrangement by: Tom Anderson –
Edited by: Alex Green –
Mastered by: Dave Sperandio –
Video by: One Voice Productions