The Lion King vs. Aladdin

The Lion King vs Aladdin – Who won? You Decide!
Let me know your scores down below!
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All Vocals Only, Yup. I’m serious. Lion King V Aladdin Acappella.

Huge Thanks to my wifey Evynne Hollens for featuring on this one!
Find her Here: Instagram: @evynnehollens

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Video produced by: One Voice Productions

I hope you enjoyed this one. So did you pick #TheLionKing or did you go with #Aladdin ? Either way, I win…. or technically either way I lose. Ha 😉 #PeterHollens

Enormous props to ERB, I’m a huge fan of their work, Peter and Lloyd… they do such great work and this is obviously inspired by their amazing talent. Please make sure to check them out if for whatever reason you are living under a rock and haven’t seen their stuff. Epic Rap Battles of History is amazing.