The Hand Washing Video

Share this video to spread the word and together we can beat this thing!
I created this to be a fun, positive reminder to families about what we can all do right now in our own homes to fight this virus.

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I feel it is my responsibility to use the platform you have all given me to help get the word out! Please, no matter the size of your audience, you too have the ability and responsibility to help spread this message.. #stayhome #withme

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Social Distancing:
You can help slow the spread of this virus! If you have symptoms, stay home! If you don’t have symptoms and you can stay home, stay home! Let’s all do our part.

Additional Information: Social distancing is critical to protect yourself and others – everyone should put distance between yourself and other people Stay a minimum of 6 feet or two arms-length away from others
Don’t hug, don’t shake hands, etc.
Avoid crowded areas
Stay home when you are sick, except to get medical care
If you suspect you may have been exposed or are ill, call your health care provider first to alert them, before physically going to their office!

Video produced by: One Voice Productions
Lyrics by: Anna Gilbert, Tyler Boeh, Peter Hollens
Mixed by: Ed Boyer –
Edited by: Alex Green –
Mastered by: Dave Sperandio –
Video produced by: One Voice Productions