Believe it or not, we shot this in Eugene, Oregon even though it looks like it’s shot in Hawaii. We were going to shoot it out on the Oregon coast, but the weather was inconsistent and so we ended up shooting it two days before we released the video at a pool in Eugene, Oregon!  We opted instead to look for a lake and that didn’t turn out the way we’d hoped. So, I put out a bunch of feelers on Facebook and Twitter asking for places to shoot, asking for scuba gear, for water noodles, and I had one of my supporters come through and we met at Costco where I got some of the swimming gear! How awesome is that?!

My neighbors also introduced me to this couple who run the biggest dental office in Eugene, and turns out they have a beautiful house with an amazing pool and palm trees, so that’s where we decided to shoot the video!

Each one of the background singing Peters were shot in just one take…. even the scuba guy on the bottom right

The entire piece is made up of about 40 tracks, and I had a concept to present a simple video for a simple song. I think this is a beautiful lava song, and Ev and I had a great time singing this one. I really hope you all Lava it, and hope this song gets stuck in your head (in a good way!).