He Lives in You from The Lion King the Musical

This has to be the most underrated Disney song of all-time. Agreed? If not what is?

He Lives in You has to be in your top 5.

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You could argue a few others of course, but this one touches my soul. This is my amazing collaboration with the Lion King touring cast! GO SEE THEM NOW!! DO NOT MISS A CHANCE TO SEE THEM: https://www.lionking.com/tickets I was simply blown away when I went with Evynne and my little four-year-old Ashland. This is a family-friendly show that you will never forget. If you can try to get an aisle seat DO IT.

Mixed by: Ed Boyer – http://edboyeracappella.com/
Arrangement by: Tom Anderson – http://www.random-notes.com/
Edited by: Alex Green – http://www.plaidacappella.com/
Mastered by: Dave Sperandio – http://www.vocalmastering.com/engineer/
Video by: One Voice Productions