Evynne Hollens Cover Vol. 1 signedcd

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    Evynne Hollens

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  1. Hello
  2. Shake It Off/Shake It Out
  3. Fields of Gold
  4. Brave
  5. Try
  6. Fight Song
  7. Gravity (LIVE) feat. Peter Hollens
  8. Let It Go
  9. Stitches
  10. Lay It All On Me/Hold My Hand feat. Casey Breves
  11. Scars to Your Beautiful
  12. Joni Medley
  13. Over the Rainbow
  14. Burn
  15. She Used to Be Mine
  16. Defying Gravity

By purchasing with me, you know that the money you spend goes directly to my family!! The CD is sent straight from Eugene, Oregon to wherever in the world you are! If shipping to your country isn't available, please email store@peterhollens.com