Covers, Vol. III


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1. Baba Yetu feat. Malukah
2. The Hanging Tree
3. Mad World
4. Game of Thrones feat. Lindsey Stirling
5. For the Dancing and the Dreaming feat. Evynne Hollens
6. Wicked Medley feat. Nick Pitera
7. Hamilton Medley feat. Evynne Hollens / Eppic
8. Phantom of the Opera Medley feat. Evynne Hollens
9. Pirates of the Caribbean Medley feat. Gardiner Sisters
10. Prince of Egypt Medley
11. Star Wars Medley feat. Lindsey Stirling
12. Where No One Goes
13. Lava feat. Evynne Hollens
14. Desert Rose Feat. Alaa Wardi
15. A Thousand Years feat. Lindsey Stirling and Evynne Hollens
16. The Sound of Silence feat. Tim Foust

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