Hollens Family 8 Pack cdbundle

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  • Artists

    Peter Hollens

    Evynne Hollens

  1. Peter Hollens Covers Vol. 3 CD
  2. A Hollens Family Christmas CD
  3. Misty Mountains: Songs Inspired by The Hobbit and... CD
  4. Peter Hollens (Self Titled CD)
  5. Peter Hollens
  6. Covers Vol. 2 CD
  7. Peter Hollens Covers Vol. 1 CD
  8. Once Upon A Dream: The Disney Princess Collection CD
  9. Evynne Hollens Cover Vol. 1 CD

This is Eight Physical  CDs.

This is still a limited run as I only have a few of these left over from early 2012! By purchasing with me, you know that the money you spend goes directly to my family!! This CD bundle is sent straight from Eugene, Oregon to wherever in the world you are! If shipping to your country isn't available, please email store@peterhollens.com.