Shape of You in 24 Genres!

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Introducing Ultimate Aca Battle Genre Royale!! 24 Genres. Two Artists. One song. All voices. Opponent: Ten Second Songs Song: Shape of You – Ed Sheeran Who won? You decide!!


Inspired by my friends from Epic Rap Battles of History (Peter & Lloyd). This has taken me over six months to make, and there was a lot of coordination between myself and Anthony Valbiro, my collaborator, to make sure it was just right!

Anthony lives on the other side of the country so we filmed our footage separately – but we worked hard to make it feel as cohesive as possible! 🙂 Please let me know honestly what you think… I wanted to create something that was super fun and game-like while making good music at the same time. Did I pull it off?

Definitely check out Anthony and his work, he is insanely talented. Take a look at his YouTube channel, Ten Second Songs! I really hope you enjoy the video. I would love to make more of these for you in the future!

Do you have a favorite genre from the aca-battle?!