New Album & Video Release!

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We finally did it! We have a new album out, and here’s the title track ‘Misty Mountains’ with my good friend Tim Foust!   He’s the insanely talented bass from Home Free.

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This video was shot almost 4,000 miles apart from each other with Tim doing his part in Puerto Rico, and myself in Bend Oregon.  How cool is that? Tim and I have been wanting to work together for a long time now ever since we sang in an a cappella group together almost a decade ago!  I’ve admired his talent for a long time and so stoked we got to make this track together!  Plus look at the guy! He’s perfect for this song! SO cool!

All the tracks are listed below!

1. I See Fire feat. Taylor Davis
2. Song of the Lonely Mountain
3. In Dreams
4. Misty Mountains Ft. Tim Foust of Home Free (THIS VIDEO!!)
5. Edge of Night
6. Song of Durin
7. May It Be Taylor Davis (NEW VERSION!!)
8. Gollum’s Song
9. Arwen’s Song:  Video (
10. Into the West
11. The Last Goodbye
12. Hobbit Drinking Medley; The Green Dragon\ Hobbit Drinking Song\ Blunt the Knives\ Bofur’s Song – The Man in the Moon feat. Hank Green

Love you all so much, thanks for the amazing support you’ve given me and all the ideas and concepts that have allowed me to bring this album to fruition! Let me know what your favorite song on this album is! I’d love to hear it in the comments below!

You can stream the entire album here on Spotify or grab it at links below:



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