Less Than 24 Hours Left To Join My Biggest Collab EVER! Plus, A NEW VIDEO! :D

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There are less than 24 hours left to join my biggest collaboration EVER! 

If you haven’t heard, I am creating a collaboration video with more people than I ever have…

I am absolutely thrilled about this project and am floored by how insanely talented many of you are. I truly have the BEST community, and I want to use this collaboration as an opportunity to showcase you and your talents 🙂

Record yourself on your phone, your webcam, any way that you’d like. The video doesn’t have to be professional or have high production. Don’t sing? Not a problem. You can speak-whisper, mouth along to the lyrics, do sign language… Anything to get involved in the video! What I really care about is representing all of you and who you are.

We’ll be singing “The Dawn Will Come” from Dragon Age Inquisition. I made a rough mix for you to listen to here:

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You can join in on this awesome project for as little as $1!! Patreon is the best way to support me and my work. And, there are amazing rewards that you will not find anywhere else.  Become a Patron  and warm up those vocal chords because we’re going to sing together! More information will be available to you about how to join the collaboration after you sign up. 🙂

I released a brand new video today: Find Me feat. Andrew Huang! 

I’m convinced that this is the MOST AMAZING song that you have never heard… I am in LOVE with it! It’s a song by Sigma, feat. Birdy. Are there any fans of the Netflix show Stranger Things out there? The original music video is starring Millie Bobby Brown – AKA Jane “Eleven” Ives! We did our best to take inspiration from the music video for our cover. This one is a little abstract and different from my normal videos, so I’d love your feedback. Let me know what you think!! 🙂


Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions about the Patreon collab or anything else! If you’re a patron, it’s easiest for me to respond directly through the Patreon website messenger 🙂 Otherwise please send me an email!

I hope you have an amazing weekend!! Love you, #HollensFamily!
Until next time,

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