Heavy feat. Jamie Grace – Special Appearance from Linkin Park!

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Surprise, Hollens Family! 😀 

Ah, Linkin Park… This song of theirs is seriously SO CATCHY. I’ve been singing it in my car, humming it while I’m grocery shopping, recording it in the studio…. 😉 This has to be one of my favorite songs on the radio right now, so I am so stoked to have covered it!

I know I released a video just last week, but because of Linkin Park’s involvement (spoiler alert!!), I’m sharing “Heavy” with you today!! Plus, going from Lion King to Linkin Park, I mean, I know you guys like eclectic music sooooo…… Linkin – Li(o)nkin(g) is it coincidence??

Jamie Grace, who is a 2x Grammy and Billboard nominated singer/songwriter, was gracious enough to sing on this track with me. She is an extremely talented and resilient individual who has an amazing story. And her vocals are heavenly to say the least. Her latest release, “The Happy Song.”  will surely brighten your day!!  Check out her work and show her some love for me!

Watch Heavy feat. Jamie Grace

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