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So my buddy Stuart Edge and I have been talking about doing another music video, throwing ideas back and forth FOREVER! This began when we did the Little Mermaid – Kiss the Girl in Real Life video, and since then we always wanted to collaborate in an actual music video.

I absolutely ADORE working with Stuart! He is SUPER talented in so many ways especially when it comes to entertainment and film, that when we collaborate it allows me to focus strictly on the audio production and the work just flows so magically well!!

FINALLY we agreed on A Goofy Movie, and truthfully most of the conceptualization came from Stuart (He’s BRILLIANT!). He also took on the costumes, the props, and most everything that you see in the live video performance – the stage, the lights, the crowd…just unreal how much of a genius Stuart is!

We flew Stuart over to Oregon to record in my studio months before the final product, and he got to sing a solo, and also sang several a ‘cappella parts too! Just absolutely rocked it!

I personally haven’t had this much fun of a shoot in a long time. We filmed the live version in Providence, Utah, and this was seriously such a fun crowd to be around! I’d do it again in a heartbeat! We filmed the other parts of the production (in my video) in Eugene, Oregon. If you haven’t seen the LIVE version yet, go watch it now right here!!



gain, was SO honored to have been apart of this! What was your favorite memory in A Goofy Movie? Let me know in the comments below!!

“Epic Goofy Medley” from Disney’s A Goofy Movie
Recorded by Peter Hollens
Released on November 5, 2015

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Bobby – KFaceTV

Principal Mazur – Steven Edge

Blonde Girl – Brooke JorgensenPreview

Roxanne – Ari

CAMERA OPERATORS Marcus Joseph, Nick Sales, RJ Idos, Kuma Films, Elias Jessop

DANCERS Weixen Lee, McLean Taylor, Delaina Welby, Tyler Rostedt

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