Epic Disney Villains Medley feat. Whitney Avalon!

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About two years ago, I approached Whitney Avalon about collaborating on a Disney Villains Medley….and I can’t believe this day is finally here!! I’m soooo excited to share it with you HollensFamily!! You may have to watch this one more than once to catch all the fun between all the Villains!! We had lots of laughs and an all-nighter shoot putting this together for you! If you’re not familiar with Whitney, check out her original “That Would Not Be Me” Princess Anna Song After Frozen She’s super talented!!

Watch Disney Villains Medley feat. Whitney Avalon

Which villain is your favorite?!

Covers Vol. III is OUT!!! 

It’s finally here!!! My new album, Covers Vol. III is up on my online store NOW!! Here’s the final tracklist:

Baba Yetu feat. Malukah
The Hanging Tree
Mad World
Game of Thrones feat. Lindsey Stirling
For the Dancing and the Dreaming feat. Evynne Hollens
Wicked Medley feat. Nick Pitera
Hamilton Medley feat. Eppic & Evynne Hollens
Phantom of the Opera feat. Evynne Hollens
Pirates of the Caribbean feat. Gardiner Sisters
Prince of Egypt Medley
Star Wars Medley feat. Lindsey Stirling
Where No One Goes
Lava feat. Evynne Hollens
Desert Rose feat. Alaa Wardi
A Thousand Years feat. Lindsey Stirling & Evynne Hollens
The Sound of Silence feat. Tim Foust


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