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Peter Hollens is an American entrepreneur, educator, pop singer, and producer best known for his work on YouTube as an a cappella cover artist. With 1.8 million subscribers, his videos have reached over a quarter of a billion views on Facebook and YouTube since 2011. Hollens has collaborated and performed with several outstanding artists including David Archuleta, Brian Wilson, Jason Mraz, Hunter Hayes, Gladys Knight, Lindsey Stirling, George Watsky, Jackie Evancho, and ThePianoGuys. Hollens made his Broadway debut alongside his wife, Evynne Hollens, in Home for the Holidays in late 2017.  He has released over 160+ digital singles to date and continues to release new music every other week. He has been involved with a cappella music since 1999 when he co-founded the University of Oregon’s male a cappella group On The Rocks. In 2010 he and the group were featured on NBC’s The Sing Off Season 2. Hollens also advises many companies including Patreon, Loudr, Tubular and is on the YouTube creator advisory board. In December of 2017, Hollens launched the Hollens Creator Academy, a robust, online education video series that teaches aspiring creators the key entrepreneurship skills and strategies needed to live their passion in the digital age.

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